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  • “azerbaijani language” – new results Fevral 28, 2024
    [PDF] Challenges of Medical Translation in the 21st Century from English into Azerbaijani S Azizova – 2023 … The Azerbaijani language does not have a fully standardized medical terminology, which can make it difficult for translators to produce consistent and accurate translations. Cultural differences between English and Azerbaijani can also pose … [PDF] Aesthetic Issues in […]
  • azerbaijani “machine translation” – new results Fevral 28, 2024
    [PDF] Challenges of Medical Translation in the 21st Century from English into Azerbaijani S Azizova – 2023 … For example, we may see the development of new machine translation systems that are even more accurate and nuanced than the systems that are currently available. We may also see the development of new NLP-based tools to […]
  • “azerbaijani language” – new results Fevral 20, 2024
    [PDF] LANGUAGE AND STYLE FEATURES IN KHALIFA AJIZ'S “DIVAN” A Mammadova – MANUSCRIPTS DON'T BURN, 2023 … In order to reflect the perfection of the Azerbaijani language and the richness of shades of meaning in his poems, Ajiz skillfully used the … work used the words that cover the vocabulary of the Azerbaijani language, as well […]
  • azerbaijani spelling – new results Fevral 20, 2024
    [PDF] Study of ΔF508 mutation by genetic panel method in Azerbaijan population A Salimova, N Mammadova, L Huseynova – Scientific Collection «InterConf», 2024 … The letters in the gene also spell out a “stop” signal that lets the cell know that it has reached the end of the instructions and can stop … Taking into account […]
  • “azerbaijani language” – new results Fevral 16, 2024
    [PDF] PROFESSION PHRASEOLOGY IN THE AZERBAIJAN LANGUAGE AND THE PLACE OF CULINARY PHRASEOLOGY AMONG THEM MT Almaz – ВЧЕНІ ЗАПИСКИ … In this article, the profession-specialty phraseology of the Azerbaijani language is reviewed. The place of culinary phraseology within the profession-specialty phraseology is determined. The article deals only with profession-specialty …   This message was sent by […]
  • “azerbaijani language” – new results Fevral 15, 2024
    [PDF] Problems of Assimilation of Borrowings Belonging to Different Language Families SA Mahmudova – Path of Science, 2023 … qısa lüğəti” (A concise dictionary of the Arabic and Persian words in the literary Azerbaijani language (Bakı, ADU nəşriyyatı, 1960). … The word “mil” is also used as a measure of length in some dialects of the […]
  • “azerbaijani language” – new results Fevral 13, 2024
    [PDF] Logical-semantic communication forms in dialogical texts in the Azerbaijani and English languages SK Mammadli – Universidad y Sociedad, 2024 … The construction and connectedness of the text in the Azerbaijani language is possible with the help of special expressions in the language. For example. … Theoretical problems of Azerbaijani language syntax. Maarif Publishing … [PDF] […]
  • “azerbaijani language” – new results Fevral 10, 2024
    [PDF] EXPERİMENTAL ANALYSİS OF VOWELS AND CONSONANTS İN THE GERMAN SPEECH OF AZERBAİJANİ BİLİNGUALS A Sobor – Collection of scientific papers «SCIENTIA», 2024 … It is known that, unlike Indo-European languages, in the Azerbaijani language, a combination of consonants in the composition of a word, or rather an accumulation of several consonants in one syllable, do […]
  • “azerbaijani language” – new results Fevral 6, 2024
    [PDF] POLITICS OF YOUTH IN AZERBAIJAN (2003-2018) S Şentürk – 2024 This thesis explores the impact of the regime policies of Azerbaijan on the perceptions of politics of young people in Azerbaijan, focusing on the experiences of undergraduate students. Through a generational lens, the study examines how …   This message was sent by Google Scholar […]
  • “azerbaijani language” – new results Fevral 3, 2024
    [PDF] Developing Speech Recognition Technology Based on NLP for Emergency Call Centers G Nikkath, O Ramesh, N Ramesh, A Kumar, BP Yadav… … The recognition of conversations in the Azerbaijani language was not, meanwhile, done using such techniques. We haven’t even seen other methodology will be used, such as the various labelling methods, since the […]

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