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  • Family language policy through the lenses of parents ; The case of Azerbaijani Turkish in Iran
    Pourbahram, Roghayeh ; Gholami, Javad
  • A geographical origin assessment of Italian hazelnuts: Gas chromatography-ion mobility spectrometry coupled with multivariate statistical analysis and data fusion approach
    Hazelnut is a commodity that has gained interest in the food science community concerning its authenticity. The quality of the Italian hazelnuts is guaranteed by Protected Designation of Origin and Protected Geographical Indication certificates. However, due to their modest availability and the high price, fraudulent producers/suppliers blend, or even substitute, Italian hazelnuts with others from […]
    Sammarco G. ; Bardin D. ; Quaini F. ; Dall'Asta C. ; Christmann J. ; Weller P. ; Suman M.
  • Sayat Nova: tra le pause di quiete e le crisi di una creazione / Sayat Nova: the pauses of quietness, the passions, the crises of invention
    Sayat Nova (1712?-1795?), the ‘singer’ par excellence of the Transcaucasian peoples, and ashuq (Lover), follows the hard path of Love of the ashuq/lovers towards the Beloved (or towards the Lord, God, in a sufi, mystical approach). Being based in Tbilisi/Tiflis, siege of the court of the Georgian rulers, he composes in three languages (Armenian, Azerbaijani, […]
    Giampiero Bellingeri
  • Novel Perspectives for the Management of Multilingual and Multialphabetic Heritages through Automatic Knowledge Extraction: The DigitalMaktaba Approach
    The linguistic and social impact of multiculturalism can no longer be neglected in any sector, creating the urgent need of creating systems and procedures for managing and sharing cultural heritages in both supranational and multi-literate contexts. In order to achieve this goal, text sensing appears to be one of the most crucial research areas. The […]
    Sonia Bergamaschi ; Stefania De Nardis ; Riccardo Martoglia ; Federico Ruozzi ; Luca Sala ; Matteo Vanzini ; Riccardo Amerigo Vigliermo
  • Word Formation by Reduplication Method in Modern Turkic Languages
    There are examples of grammaticalisation in various forms in Turkic languages. Reduplication attracts attention both as a grammatical sign and as one of the ways of word formation. Repetition is one of the grammatical categories functionally used in Turkic languages. This article examines examples from old and modern Turkic languages. It explains with examples that […]
    Mahmudova, Gatiba Chingiz
  • Соматонимы в азербайджанских паремиях
    Паремии играют особую роль в создании языковой картины мира. Их семантика связана с фоновыми знаниями носителей языка, с культурой, традициями и практическим опытом народа.
    Шевцова, Аліна Владленівна ; Шевцова, Алина Владленовна ; Shevtsova, Alina Vladlenivna ; Гусейнов, С.
  • Етикетні формули привітання в українській та азербайджанській мові
    Оволодіння іноземною мовою передбачає не тільки опанування певного лексичного фонду, законів граматики, а й засвоєння «культурного» аспекту використовуваних одиниць, знання сфер їх застосування, розуміння стилістичного та емоційного навантаження, які вони несуть. Знайомство з іноземною мовою і культурою носіїв цієї мови традиційно починається з мовних формул знайомства, привітання, прощання. Особливості цієї лексико-семантичної групи в різних мовах […]
    Шевцова, Аліна Владленівна ; Шевцова, Алина Владленовна ; Shevtsova, Alina Vladlenivna ; Санан, Мірзазаде
  • The System of Sociocultural Adaptation of Foreign Students at Leading Russian Universities (On the Example of Azerbaijani and Chinese Students)
    The number of foreign students educating in Russian universities is increasing every year. With the growing number of such students, the issue of their adaptation becomes more re levant, because that adaptation also determines the success of education. The substantial role in this process falls to the share of universities and their educational system, which […]
    V. Yu. Ledеneva ; R. Abdullaev ; L. Guseynova
  • Language Policies Directed At Borchali and South Azerbaijan Turks and Mother Tongue Problem
    Language is an important factor that constitutes national identity. Language policies have become a state structure that aims to unite peoples under state rule, as well as organize and reorganize their lives. The establishment of a political central authority that dominates the society’s thoughts through language is the most essential element of social construction processes […]
    Museyib Shıralıyev
  • Learning Bilingual Word Embedding Mappings with Similar Words in Related Languages Using GAN
    Cross-lingual word embeddings display words from different languages in the same vector space. They provide reasoning about semantics, compare the meaning of words across languages and word meaning in multilingual contexts, necessary to bilingual lexicon induction, machine translation, and cross-lingual information retrieval. This paper proposes an efficient approach to learn bilingual transform mapping between monolingual […]
    Ghafour Alipour ; Jamshid Bagherzadeh Mohasefi ; Mohammad-Reza Feizi-Derakhshi
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  • “azerbaijani language” – new results Sentyabr 26, 2023
    [PDF] THE LITERARY HERITAGE OF MAHAMMADALI BEY MAJRUH MUGHANI NR gizi ALEKBEROVA – АКТУАЛЬНI ПИТАННЯ ГУМАНIТАРНИХ НАУК, 2023 … The manuscript is a collection of lyrical poems written in the Azerbaijani language. The verses in the manuscript are written in various forms of lyric poetry: couplet, ode, muhammas, etc. Research method. …   This message was […]
  • azerbaijani spelling – new results Sentyabr 26, 2023
    [HTML] Surnames of Georgian Jews: Historical and Linguistic Aspects A Beider – Genealogy, 2023 … This Turkic element is the Azeri patronymic suffix -oğlı ‘son of’ (spelled -oğlu in standard Azeri)… Most likely, in both cases, the Azeri patronymic became a hereditary family name during the … For example, ყ is usually transliterated as q …   […]
  • “azerbaijani language” – new results Sentyabr 21, 2023
    [PDF] COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF MACHINE LEARNING ALGORITHMS FOR SENTIMENT ANALYSIS OF TEXT IN AZERBAIJANI AND ENGLISH M Rasul – Global journal of Business and Integral Security, 2023 … The proposed models depict the importance of language corpus that Azerbaijani language lacks by comparing the results obtained from … techniques and language corpus designed specifically for Azerbaijani […]
  • “azerbaijani language” – new results Sentyabr 16, 2023
    [PDF] IRAVAN TEACHERS SEMINARY G ALIYEV On October 20, 1880, Emperor of Russia Alexander II enacted an order of the State Council on opening the Iravan Teachers Seminary. In accordance with the document, an amount worth 28,350 Rubles was allocated to fund the seminary. According to …   This message was sent by Google Scholar because […]
  • azerbaijani “natural language processing” – new results Sentyabr 14, 2023
    [PDF] Knowledge Extraction and Cross-Language Data Integration in Digital Libraries L Sala – 2023 … in non-Latin languages such as Arabic, Persian and Azerbaijani, attempting to provide an effective system for information and metadata extraction… El-Hajj, et al., A panoramic survey of natural language processing in the arab world …   This message was sent by […]
  • “azerbaijani language” – new results Sentyabr 12, 2023
    [PDF] PREDICTION OF AUTHORS OF THE TEXTS WRITTEN IN AZERBAIJANI BY THE NEAREST NEIGHBOR-BASED ALGORITHM LM Hasanova – Proceedings of IAM, 2023 … In this article, author recognition system has been developed for the works of authors in the Azerbaijani language using the K-NN method, which is one of the methods of studying information. In the […]
  • azerbaijani spelling – new results Sentyabr 12, 2023
    [PDF] Pedagogical sciences L Musayeva – BBC, 2023 … Carrying out orthoepic-spelling comparisons along with phonetic-graphical comparisons will increase the success of students in forming … and spelling in the Azerbaijani language and, thus, will create a solid foundation for mastering both … The Soviet Sixties R Hornsby – 2023   This message was sent by Google […]
  • azerbaijani “natural language processing” – new results Sentyabr 9, 2023
    Check for updates Fail It till You Make It: Error Expectation in Complex-Plan Execution for Service Robots L Contreras¹, J Savage, S Ortuno-Chanelo, M Negrete… – … , ICR 2023, Baku, Azerbaijan … … Where each of the actions requires one or several robot skills, including navigation, person and object recognition, natural language processing, and so on–in this […]
  • “azerbaijani language” – new results Sentyabr 5, 2023
    [PDF] RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT OF PARADIGMATIC RELATIONS IN PHRASEOLOGY L Ibrahimova – Scientific Journal of Polonia University, 2023 … Bayramov was a serious step in the history of the study of the phraseology of the Azerbaijani language. In this work, the important problems of the phraseology of the Azerbaijani language were involved in a comprehensive study, and […]
  • “azerbaijani language” – new results Avqust 21, 2023
    [HTML] Azeri Music 2023-Top Azerbaijan Songs 2023 to 2024 Baku. Capital of Azerbaijan. Paris of the East S Yusuf-Azerbaijan … population that lived on the territory of modern Azerbaijan spoke several Indo-European and Caucasian languages, among them Armenian and an Iranian language, Old Azeri, which was gradually replaced by a Turkic language, the early precursor […]

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